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Ingram Rollers was founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1909 and was closely associated with Acme Iron Works Company, another Ingram family company. Ingram Rollers is the oldest operating asphalt compaction equipment manufacturer in the United States. Its legacy is rooted in being an innovator in the asphalt roller industry. The reliability of Ingram rollers have been the key to many decades of success. Hydraulic-controlled power steering, an industry standard today, was first offered by Ingram Rollers.
The focus of the company has always been on pneumatic tired rollers and static steel drum rollers. Today, Ingram is still one of the most recognized roller brands in the industry and is proud to have thousands of pneumatic tire and static steel drum rollers in operation around the world.
The management and employees of Ingram Rollers are dedicated to producing the best Static and Pneumatic Compaction equipment the industry has to offer, with the highest level of customer support to match.
Ingram Rollers manufactures three models of pneumatic tired rollers and two models of static steel drum rollers covering a broad range.
AP915 Articulated Frame Pneumatic Tire 9-wheel, 15 ton
RP915B Rigid Frame Pneumatic Tire 9-wheel, 15 ton
TP1315 Towed Pneumatic Tire 13-wheel, 15 ton
RS206T Hydraulic Auto-Locking Tow Package 2-wheel,5-6 ton

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